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Sources of natural gas imported in France

source of natural gas imported in france

Sources: SDES, BP Statistical Review of World Energy (June 2019)

Imports from Algeria are a mix of LNG and pipeline supplies


This chart represents France main suppliers for imported natural gas (importations dedicated to final consumption, storage and exportations). 
N.B. The « Other » category includes, among others, Nigeria, Qatar, Peru, Trinidad, Angola, and natural gas from the North Sea. 


The French portfolio for natural gas supplies is one of the most diversified in Europe. This strategy aims to secure natural gas supplies. 
Representing more than 43% of gross imports, Norway is the main supplier for France. The steady growth of Norwegian gas’ imports has balanced the gradual decline of imports from the Netherlands and Russia. 
LNG terminals’ development has been strengthening the position of new exporting countries such as Nigeria, Qatar, Trinidad and Tobago even though LNG imports have been declining because of the growing demand from Asian countries. 

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