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The natural gas industry is complex and constantly evolving. To understand its specificities and major dynamics, the Gas in Focus Observatory proposes to decipher its main challenges in analyses devoted to the themes driving the current of the sector.

The LNG supply chain


September 2019

Natural gas storage

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February 2013

Natural gas at home


February 2013

Composition of natural gas consumed in France


October 2016

TRF : A new unified market area since November the 1st 2018


January 2019

Sustainable mobility: Gas fuel as an efficient answer to environmental challenges


January 2019

E-GAS : an innovative solution for intermittent renewable source of energy storage

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December 2013

European gas network codes

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October 2020

The Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT)

Focus CCCG

February 2013

The Power-to-Gas technology: a bridge between electricity and natural gas networks


October 2017

French Thermal Regulation RT 2012

Focus RT 2012

February 2013

The 3rd Energy Package

Focus - 3PaquetEneClim

February 2013

Conversion from Gas L to Gas H


October 2017