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Production, transportation, storage and supply of natural gas are inseparable from the infrastructure that is associated with this source of energy. In perpetual development, these infrastructures testify to the technical expertise of the actors of the sector and a long-term projection for the exploitation of these works.

European-wide energy policies reflect how national rulers are looking for a balance between economic efficiency and commitment to the energy and environmental transition.

​Such a dynamic raises technological challenges and deep transformation needs for all the actors of the energy market. Renewable energy sources’ integration, increased storage needs, mobility transformation and networks adaptation to the Smart Grid era are several trends demonstrating evolutions of the energy sector.

In order to support this energy transition, natural gas and renewable gases play a major role thanks to their complementarity with other energy carriers and the multiplication of synergies between networks.

The Gas in Focus observatory aims to highlight natural gas and renewable gases in the energy transition by sharing consolidated, educational and reliable data linked to the entire sector. ​

Thanks to the expertise of its founders, GRTgaz and Sia Partners, this natural gas observatory provides key information for the sector. It is organized around five detailed topics with both illustrated databases and focus:

The evolutions of the energy sector

Infrastructures - Uses New Gas Markets - Supplies

Gas in Focus analysis:


Indicateurs :

The Gas in Focus observatory decrypts the evolution of the gas sector through five indicator families: Infrastructures, Uses, New gases, Markets and Procurement.


Focus :

The natural gas industry is complex and constantly evolving. To understand its specificities and major dynamics, the Gas in Focus Observatory proposes to decipher its main challenges in analyses devoted to the themes driving the current of the sector.

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