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NGV filling points’ projection in 2020 in France

Sources: AFGNV, Mobilité Gaz Open Data (2020)


This map represents the localization of the 250 NGV filling points (1 L-CNG station = 2 filling points) expected to be deployed in France before the end of the year 2020.

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Currently, France has around 158 NGV operational stations to supply ~22 000 vehicles. The major part of these vehicles are buses, business fleet and lorries.

The goal of 250 LNG and CNG refueling points deployed by the end of 2020 seems difficult to achieve. Significant efforts will have to be made by all stakeholders in order to massively pursue the development of CNG stations in France. The number of CNG vehicles has increased by 55% over the last 4 years, this strong development should accelerate the deployment of CNG stations in France.