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Forecasted evolution of the annual consumption

of natural gas

Source: Perspectives gaz 2019


This dataset presents the scenarios of gas consumption in France by 2030. Most of these scenarios rely on energy complementarity.

For the first time, it presents 3 trajectories of evolution of gas consumption, all compatible with France’s carbon neutrality goal in 2050 :

- Low Gas NATIONAL Scenario

based on a significant electrification of uses, and an important development of urban heat networks

- High NATIONAL gas scenario

shows uncertainty that exists regarding the evolution of the place of gas in buildings and shows that other paths towards carbon neutrality in 2050 are possible in France, using a larger share of renewable gas

- TERRITORIES scenario 

 constructed from the concatenation of regional ambitions and dynamics

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The forecast data are calculated on the basis of an increase in gas mobility and the development of renewable gases (blue scenario of the Perspectives gaz 2019).

Over the past decade, French gas consumption has been on a decreasing trend for traditional uses (residential, tertiary and industrial), although the years 2016 and 2017 were characterized by an increase in gas demand. For new uses, such as the mobility and transportation sector, the forecasts of rising gas consumption by 2030 are clearly part of an energy transition context aimed at achieving carbon neutrality in the long term.