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Evoution of biogas production from hydrothermal gasification in Europe

This map represents the situation of developers of hydrothermal gasification technology (high temperature and catalytic) in Europe having reached the stage of prototype, pilot or demonstrator and being able to operate continuously. The industrialization of this technology is expected by 2024/2025.

Source: GRTgaz 2020

Hydrothermal gasification is a thermochemical conversion at high pressure (> 221 bar) and high temperature (> 374 ° C) transforming waste and residues of liquid biomass into renewable gas.

Initiated in Europe by KIT in Germany with the 1st pilot installation in the world treating 100 kg / h of input in 2004, several other European players are currently involved in the development of prototype, pilot and demonstrator installations. The Netherlands has the most developers, including SCW Systems, which produced the first demonstrator in the world which succeeded in injecting compliant renewable gas into the local transportation network (Gasunie) at the end of 2019.

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