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Biogas production channels in Europe

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Source: Eurobserv’ER (2018)


Biogas is produced from organic material in the absence of oxygen. Production can take place in waste storage facilities, treatment plants or using organic waste from agriculture and the agro-food industry (on the graph, “Other biogases”).


Thanks to its proactive policy, Germany is the main producer of biogas in Europe with a production of 7845 ktoe in 2017 (almost half of Europe's production). This production is essentially based on wastes from agriculture and the agro-food industry. For its part, the United Kingdom produces a significant proportion of biogas in waste storage facilities: 1277,1 ktoe produced in 2017. These two examples illustrate the existence of a potentially large yet undeveloped production of biogas in Europe. In 2017, France became the 4th European country with 0.90 Mtoe of biogas produced. Biogas is usually used to produce electricity. Biogas electricity output totaled 63.4 TWh in 2017 compared to 62.8 TWh in 2016, or a 1% increase.

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