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Waste deposit that can be recovered in France


Source: ADEME - Déchets chiffres-clés 2020


This graph represents the volumes of organic wastes (bio-waste or putrescible waste) collected by the public service (households, small businesses) as well as the volumes generated by “large producers”. This waste can be the subject of organic recovery (composting) or energy (methanization) through collection and / or an appropriate sorting system.


Specific measures aims to implement a better collection of this waste with high recovery potential. In 2017, 125 local authorities set up separate collection of bio-waste for households and / or professionals. Almost 4 million inhabitants are affected. Since January the 1st, 2012, companies that produce or hold a large quantity of bio-waste have been required to sort it and have it recovered in suitable composting or methanization channels.

The law on food waste provides for the generalization of the sorting at the source of bio-waste by 2023.

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