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Pyrogasification projects for CH4/H2 injection in France

This map represents French pyrogasification projects for the production of methane and methane/hydrogen that have been publicly communicated.

Source : GRTgaz (October 2022)

This mapping illustrates the dynamism of the French pyrogasification for injection sector with around forty projects that have communicated publicly. Taking into account the still confidential projects, there are about sixty projects. With an average size of 10MWCH4, these projects present a new way of recovery for a wide variety of inputs such as biomass residues, wood waste and solid recovered fuels (CSR), resulting from waste having gone through the subject to source sorting and cannot be recovered in material form.


These projects are being developed throughout France and provide a local solution to the regional challenges of waste recovery and decarbonization of the energy mix. Driven by profiles of players as diverse as public and private players in waste management and treatment, EPCIs, equipment manufacturers, gas players and academic players, the pyrogasification for injection sector is preparing to industrialize in France.


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