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Power-to-Gas projects in European countries

This map represents European Power-to-Gas (P2G) projects and studies. These projects and studies are either being implemented or already operational.

Sources : France Hydrogène, ATEE (2022)

Power-to-Gas is a technology at the crossroads of electricity and gas networks. Electricity can be stored in the form of hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water. This hydrogen, combined with CO2 through the methanation process, becomes methane that can be injected into gas networks and has the same properties as natural gas. The pilot projects launched in Europe have made it possible to identify the levers for optimizing business models, nurturing the interest of public players and specialized SMEs. Several projects launched at European level and bringing together players from different countries make it possible in particular to pool resources and validate interest in this new sector.


In view of the number of projects launched or under study, France has real assets to promote the development of the sector.

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