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Power-to-Gas projects in European countries

This map represents European Power-to-Gas (P2G) projects and studies. These projects and studies are either being implemented or already operational.

Pilot projects concern real size plants expected to be used as models for P2G industrialization. R&D projects concern the development of technologies used for P2G while study projects gather technical, economic and feasibility studies.

Source: EnergyLab study (Sia Partners 2018)

The Power-to-Gas technology is a technology at the junction between electricity and gas networks. It also supports the sustainable mobility development thanks to its complementarity with NGV. 


Several European countries have launched pilot projects allowing an optimization of P2G business models. Such an increasing profitability is progressively attracting specialized SME and public actors. Considering the number of projects and studies, French actors expect to become leaders on this technology, thanks to the support of regional and national initiatives.