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Potential for gas production from pyrogasification in France

This indicator represents the potential of gas from pyrogasification that could be injected into the natural gas distribution and transport networks by 2030. 


Source: GRTgaz (2020)

Pyrogasification has reached a stage of technological maturity sufficient to  launch the first industrial installations in France. It relies on a dynamic French sector, driven by a network of innovative companies and SMEs. It also relies on the waste & environment actors (such as waste management unions, large companies) as well as major French industries, including gas infrastructure operators. By 2030, industry players consider that the injected gas from pyrogasification processes would make it possible to recover almost half a million tons of waste per year and inject 1 TWh/year of gas (and thus reduce CO2 emissions of ~165,000 tons).

The large-scale development of pyrogasification for injection into networks allows to effectively address the challenge of waste management in the territories, while generating low-carbon energy, with high efficiency (between 70 and 80%), produced locally, storable and transferable, that can be easily switched with natural gas.