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Potential for additional production of renewable gas by hydrothermal gasification

Despite a relatively low mobilization rates (20 to 40%) of the deposits taken into account in the study, hydrothermal gasification would allow to produce up to 140 TWh / year of renewable gas in addition to other renewable gas sectors (methanization, pyrogazification…) that can be injected into the gas network by 2050.

Sources: Hydrothermal Gasification potential, GRTgaz (2019)

Each year 340 million tons of little or poorly recovered liquid biomass residues and waste are generated in France. In addition to the opportunity of hydrothermal gasification to provide a strong reduction of waste generation and a significant production of gas able to be injected into the gas network, the technology allows to preserve water resources and recover mineral salts / nitrogen that can be used as agricultural fertilizers.

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