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NGV supply stations projection in 2020 in France

ngv filling.PNG

Sources: AFGNV, Mobilité Gaz Open Data (2019)


This map represents the localization of the 250 NGV filling points (1 L-CNG station = 2 filling points) expected to be deployed in France before the end of the year 2020. 


Currently, France has around 139 NGV operational stations to supply ~19 000 vehicles. The major part of these vehicles are buses, business fleet and lorries. 
The French law for energy transition (Loi de transition énergétique pour la croissance verte) as well as the energy development plan set the objectives for natural gas mobility development. Thus, 10% of the trucks and 250 000 personal-use vehicles are supposed to be fueled by NGV in 2030. 
In order to match these objectives, the supply network should be concentrated in priority within major urban areas and alongside strategical commercial routes (highways, logistical hubs, major ports).

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