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Natural gas distribution system operators in France

This map shows the locations of the main Distribution System Operators (GRD) for natural gas in France and the length of the network under concession to each operator. For ease of reading, the size of the GRDF icon is not proportional to the length of its network (200 715 km for approximately 9 973 municipalities served).

Sources : CRE, SPEGNN, gtg2007 (2022)


The Law of April 8th 1946, which structured the nationalization of the energy sector, preserved the rights of municipalities in matters related to the public distribution of electricity and gas. Therefore, while private companies were nationalized, certain local publicly-owned companies remained in business.

Today, approximately 400 municipalities in France hire a local operator to manage their natural gas distribution network in the framework of a public service agreement. Distribution System Operators are regulated companies, whose mission is to guarantee access to their network and ensure natural gas flows through this network transparently and without discrimination.

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