Gross imports of natural gas into Europe

This graph represents European countries natural gas imports in 2019, based on their supply source: whether pipeline or liquefied natural gas (LNG).

UK drapeau.png

Source : BP Statistical Review of Wolrd Energy (2020)


In 2019, European countries imported 5,540 TWh of natural gas, including 886 TWh of LNG (about 20% of their gross imports).

The share of LNG in European imports is 72% higher than in 2018. The IEA forecasts that the proportion of LNG in European imports should rise to 35% by 2030.

Due to their geographical positioning, Spain, France and the United Kingdom have significant regasification capacities that allow for large LNG imports. LNG accounts for 58%, 38% and 35% of their total external supply, respectively. There is a very strong increase in LNG imports in these three countries compared to 2018.