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Global natural gas reserves (conventional and unconventional)

The Reserves-to-Production (R/P) ratio in years represents the availability of a non-renewable resource under current technical and economic conditions.

Estimated reserves cover unconventional natural gas deposits (see the Glossary), but also conventional natural gas deposits that are inoperable today with existing technologies.

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Sources: World Energy Outlook, IEA (2021)


In Europe and the Middle East, conventional gas is the main source. We can note the importance of unconventional gas reserves (shale gas, coal gas, etc.) in Asia Pacific and North America, which combined are more important than the rest of the world. This is notably due to the authorization of shale gas extraction. ​


The R/P ratio in 2021 is approximately 55 years taking into account only proven resources, it rises to 202 years including estimated resources.

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