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Global LNG market

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This map shows both the natural gas liquefaction and regasification global capacities in different areas of the world.


When it is liquefied, natural gas can be easily transported by ship over long distances: it facilitates world trade. In 2019, 354.7 million tonnes (Mt) of LNG were traded. After several years of market tension, due in particular to strong Asian demand, LNG is currently abundant. This is the consequence of the significant increase in liquefaction and parallel regasification capacities. Thus, the total liquefaction capacity amounted to 331 bcm/y in 2019, while the world regasification capacity represented 635 bcm/y. This growth will continue as nearly 115 bcm/y of new liquefaction capacity has been approved for commissioning between 2019 and 2026.

Sources : GRTgaz, GIIGNL, IGU (2020)

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