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Global LNG market

This map shows both the natural gas liquefaction and regasification global capacities in different areas of the world.

Sources : GRTgaz, GIIGNL, IGU (2022)


In liquefied form, natural gas can be transported by ship over long distances, facilitating global trade. LNG is currently abundant thanks to significant increases in liquefaction (564 bm3) and regasification (1372 bm3 ) capacity. Global LNG trade in 2021 continues its upward trend reaching a total of 514 bm3.

Worldwide, in 2021, the LNG industry counts 19 exporting and 44 importing countries.

Australia is the leading exporter this year with nearly 108 bcm (21%) followed by Qatar (106 bcm) and the United States (92 bcm).

China imports represents 20% of the market with nearly 109 bm3 imported, followed by Japan with 103 bm3.

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