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Gas and electricity markets opening in France

Diagrams and charts above illustrate gas and electricity markets opening rates in France at the end of the 2020 first semester (considering the number of supplied sites). 

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Source: CRE (2020)


Electricity market and gas market have been opened up since 2004 for businesses and 2007 for households. The openness rate is significantly higher in the gas market, especially for businesses : 8% of professional consumers are using the regulated tariff.


In 2016, the end of regulated tariffs for professional consumers with a natural gas consumption higher than 30 MWh per year led to a huge switch toward market price contracts established with the historical supplier. This trend had slowed down between 2016 and 2018 benefiting to alternative suppliers.


On July the 19th, 2017, the Council of State canceled a decree adopted in 2013 governing regulated tariffs for the sale of natural gas, however the latter would not be effective before 2023.The growth of alternative suppliers market share has been even more important within the residential market where new contracts are essentially established with this kind of new suppliers.