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Evolution of the NGV vehicles fleet in France by type of vehicles

This chart shows the Natural Gaz Vehicles (NGV) fleet evolution in France since the beginning of 2015. The indicator underlines the evolution by vehicle categories for a better understanding of market trends. The Light Commercial Vehicles category refers to vehicle designed for goods transport and with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) under 3,5 tons. The Light Vehicles refers to individual cars. And, the Specialized Vehicles category refers mainly to sweepers and forklift trucks.

Source: AFGNV (2022)


Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) represent a tiny part of the French vehicle fleet with around 22 000 registred cars at mid-2020. France is late comparing to other countries like Sweden, Germany or Italia, which is the European leader and in the world 7th place, with more than one million vehicles. This number of NGVs is growing fastly (+55% in 4 years), despite all automotive sector has been impacted by the covid-19 crisis. GNVs represent a great and less polluting alternative compared to oil and diesel vehicles. The development of this sector is a strategic issue for France. The PPE (roadmap that sets objectives for the French energy transition) set the objectives of 110 000 registrations of light commercial vehicles and 60 000 registrations of lorries using GNV in 2028.

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