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Evolution of the « Points d’Échange de Gaz » (PEG) activity in France

This indicator illustrates the evolution of natural gas traded volumes on PEG between 2006 and now. It also shows the number of actors operating on these market places.

Source: GRTgaz (2022)


Actors operating on the French gas market can rely on a single trading zone. Actors operating on this market place can be from different natures: gas consumers, gas suppliers, producers, traders…


Since 2006, the volumes traded have grown steadily (although marked by a strong seasonality). The number of actors taking part in these exchanges seemed to have reached a certain maturity since the end of 2014, but since the creation of a single trading area in November 2018, more than 20 new players have appeared on the market. This creation of zone has made it possible to increase the attractiveness of the French gas marketplace.