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Evolution of natural gas traded volumes on European market places

This indicator represents the volumes of natural gas traded on the main European markets. These marketplaces form energy exchanges, from which “spot” prices are set.

Source: Gas in Focus consolidated data (2022)


The organized natural gas markets (gas exchange) nevertheless correspond to a small percentage of the gas volumes traded on the wholesale market in Europe: the Over-The-Counter (OTC), still includes the majority of European trade. ​


In France, the market place was organized around Gas Exchange Points (PEGs, which became the single TRF market place in November 2018) and the energy exchange is operated by Powernext. ​


In October 2021, Germany launched a national gas market trading platform, Trading Hub Europe (THE) which merges Gaspool and NetConnect Germany (NCG). This new platform increases liquidity and simplifies administration.

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