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Evolution of natural gas traded volumes on European market places

This graph represents the volume of natural gas which is traded on the main European market places. These markets allows the implementation of energy exchanges, which set common « spot » prices for the area.

Source: Gas in Focus consolidated data (2019)

* PEG Nord and TRS (before 2015)


Considering traded volumes, the gap between the different gas markets can be huge. Together, the two mature markets (United-Kingdom and Netherlands) weights more than 83,4% of 2018 traded volumes.


However organized markets still represent a small percentage of natural gas exchanges on the wholesale market: Over-the-counter (OTC) contracts still represent the major part of European exchanges. 


In France, the market is organized in the form of the « Points d’Echange de Gaz » (PEG which became the TRF unique national market place) and Powernext operates the energy market.