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Evolution of biomethane production in France

This indicator shows the evolution of biomethane production in France since 2006 and the trajectory to follow in order to achieve the PNA 2020 objectives (National Action Plan for renewable energy). This indicator can be correlated with the number of biomethane injection units in France.

Sources : SOeS, PNA 2020 et GRTgaz (2020)

Electricity production based on biomethane has slowed over the past three years, moving away from the target trajectory in order to achieve the 625 MWe installed capacities objective (and a production of 3,700 GWh). Moreover, heat production continues to get below the target trajectory. The objectives set by the multiannual programming of energy, aiming for a production of 900 ktoe by 2023 seem difficult to reach, unless an accelerated effort of the installation is made on the new production capacities. The number of biomethane units has increased between 2019 and 2020. From now on, there are 185 biomethane injection units. The projects being ever more numerous, heat production is expected to increase in the coming years.

The “Programmation pluriannuelle de l’énergie 2020” sets the objective that biogas should reach 7% of gas consumption by 2030 if the cost reductions targeted in the reference trajectory are achieved, and up to 10% in the event of greater cost reductions.