Vehicles and NGV stations in Europe

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This map represents the number of vehicles and NGV stations across European countries (E.U 28) in 2017


The utilization of natural gas for mobility purpose significantly differs from one country to another. Italy (1,219 stations) and Germany (915 stations) are currently leading the European market while other countries such as Ireland, Latvia, Croatia or Romania are currently implementing their first NGV stations. The sector is supported by the EU which adopted a new regulation in 2014. The AFI directive (Alternative Fuel Infrastructures) aims to guarantee a sufficient cover in NGV supply stations across the E.U.

The involvement of the E.U to support this sector can be seen through significant progresses within some countries in 2017. For example, Belgium (+22 stations), Finland (+15), the Czech Republic (+29), and Spain (+49) have significantly increased their NGV supply network.


NGVA Europe (2018)