Gross imports of natural gas into Europe

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This graph represents the natural gas imports in different countries of the European Union based on the supply source.


In 2017, natural gas importations of European countries reached 3,908 TWh. LNG volumes accounted for 11% of the gross imports (433 TWh). This figure represents a small increase compared to 2016.

However, LNG weight in European total imports has been plunging since 2011 because of European declining consumption and gas flows heading more and more toward Asia. Nevertheless, the IEA forecasts that the proportion of LNG in European imports is expected to reach 35% in 2030.

Thanks to their geographical location, Spain, France and the United-Kingdom own strong regasification capacities. These installations allow massive LNG imports accounting for 53%, 20% and 15% of their total natural gas supplies.


BP Statistical Review 2018