Evolution of the « Points d’Échange de Gaz » (PEG) activity in France

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This indicator illustrates the evolution of natural gas traded volumes on PEGs (PEG Nord and TRS) between 2006 and August 2018. It also shows the number of actors operating on these market places.


In France, market players can use two virtual transfer points : PEG Nord and TRS (resulting from the merger of PEG Sud and TIGF, now Teréga, in April 2015). Actors operating on this market place can be from different natures: gas consumers, gas suppliers, producers, traders…

PEG Nord covers most of the gas trading in France. Since the launch of these virtual transfer points, both the PEGs have been recording a continuous trade expansion (even thought it is strongly linked to seasonality), whereas the stable number of players since the end of 2014 shows a maturity in the market. The implementation of a unique PEG market expected on the 1st of November 2018 aims to, among other things, to increase the attractiveness of the French natural gas marketplace.


Source GRTgaz (2018)