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Methane production from pyrogasification projects in Europe


Sources: GT Injection de gaz de synthèse  (2020)


Pyrogasification is an innovative process for the production of renewable or low-carbon energy, non-intermittent, from dry biomass and / or various residual waste when these cannot be recovered in the form of material. The indicator shows the evolution of synthetic methane production projects in construction phase as well as those that have already produced synthetic methane in Europe, since 2008.


The methane injection sector from pyrogasification is booming with the emergence of pilot units and / or industrial demonstrators in Europe since 2008. Indeed, this upward dynamic of the sector in Europe is currently reflected through two projects under construction, one in France and the other in England. It is important to stress that not only are new projects emerging, but that those launched before also achieve their objective of producing methane (via pyrogasification) that can be injected into the gas network. As an example, we can cite a 20 MWbioCH4 demonstrator which, in 2014, injected biomethane into the Swedish gas network. These various projects and successes constitute a base thus allowing the development of commercial projects in Europe.

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