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As part of a dynamic integration of the European market, the natural gas market tends to become homogenized between the different countries in the zone. Streamlined exchanges around common market places, more and more players and competitive prices are all indicators of this structural evolution of the natural gas market on a European scale.

Comparison of gas prices paid by European consumers

2020-Market-Comparison of gas prices pai

Correlation between gas prices and oil products’ prices


Evolution of natural gas traded volumes on European marketplaces


Evolution of domestic prices for gas and electricity

2020-Market-Evolution of domestic prices

Gas and electricity markets opening in France

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Natural gas price evolutions in the main European marketplaces

2020-Market-Natural gas price evolutions

Evolution of the prices of natural gas
in the main market zones

2020-Market-Evolution of the prices of n

Maturity level of the major European market places for natural gas trade

Maturity level of the major European mar

Evolution of the « Points d’Échange de Gaz » (PEG) activity in France