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History of the world’s production
of natural gas

55 2020 English.JPG

Source: BP Statistical Review (2020)


This graph illustrates the production of natural gas in thousands of billions of cubic meters (both conventional and unconventional).


Global production of natural gas has been rising constantly over the past 40 years. It was multiplied by 4 between 1970 and 2019. 
In 2019, the largest worldwide producers were the United States and Russia, with respective shares of 23% and 17% of global production (including unconventional natural gas). Iran (6%), China and Qatar (4,5% each) follow. Global production growth is 3,4% between 2018-2019, driven espcially by the American production (+7%). The EU (-6%) is still on a decreasing trend. 
Two thirds of the global production take place in 8 countries.

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