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Biomethane units connected to the gas network
in France

2020-Usages-Biomethane units connected t

Source:  GRTgaz (2020)


This map identifies all the biomethane units connected to the gas network in France in June 2020.


In June 2020, 149 units were injecting biomethane into the French gas
network. Projects are mostly connected to the distribution grid, but also increasingly to the transport grid (the choice between both is made according to the Injection law of November 2019). Most facilities are agricultural (72 of injection units), followed by water treatment plants (11), non-hazardous waste landfill and industrial facilities (7 each).
Even though facilities can have a considerable capacity (118 GWh for the biggest one), half of facilities gave a capacity smaller than 14 GWh/year (in particular, agricultural sites and water treatment plants tend to have smaller capacities). Eastern and Northern France are the most dynamic territories (Grand Est and Ile-de-France both have around 4 TWh of reserved capacities).

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