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Breakdown of the consumption of primary energy in France

Sources : SDES, Insee (2021)


This graph presents the evolution of the breakdown of the various energy sources for the total consumption of primary energy in France. Primary energy refers to the energy content of the resource as found in nature (fissile material for nuclear generated electricity, natural gas, coal, etc.).

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The breakdown of primary energy sources has not changed significantly over the past 20 years, with the exception of a significant drop in coal's contribution. We also note the growth of renewable energies, now added to the traditionally-used hydraulic-based resource.

The coronavirus pandemic profoundly affected energy consumption and supply in France in 2020. The restrictions imposed during the year and, more generally, the limitation of travel led to an unprecedented drop in global energy consumption. There is a continued decrease in energy-related CO2 emissions (-13.1%) compared to 2019.