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Natural gas consumption peak evolution forecasts

This graph shows the peak natural gas demand forecasts established by GRTgaz according to its reference scenario. They are split between public distribution and industrial customers directly connected to the transmission network.

Source : Perspective gaz édition 2020 - Scénario territoire


Peak consumption is a dimensioning criterion for energy transmission networks. The peak makes it possible to evaluate the maximum capacity that a network must cope with under conditions of use of extreme intensity.


In the case of climatically sensitive consumption (public distribution and residential-tertiary), the most stringent conditions are established when the temperature is the coldest that can be observed every 50 years (2% risk, hence the name point P2). For industrial consumption, except in special cases, the basis is the maximum nominal power called for by the industrial site. ​


By hypothesis, the forecast of the consumption peak evolves like that of the volumes consumed.

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