More than ever, energy is at the heart of debates.

Beyond economic and environmental considerations, national energy policies, once the realm of a few experts, have become a matter of societal choices.

Today, our world must seek less abundance and a more informed use of energy. In this context, natural gas plays a crucial role, yet unknown to the general public.

Gas in Focus aims at shedding light on the role of natural gas in this transitional period by providing public access to consolidated, enlightening and reliable information.

Thanks to the expertise of its founding members, GRTgaz and Sia Conseil, this natural gas “observatory” positions itself as a leading guide in this sector. It is composed of five information units: Infrastructures, Uses, Environment, Markets and Supply.


The differents steps of a LNG supply chain


The Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT)

The energy mix in electricity generation in France There are three main sources of electricity generation in France :1) Nuclear production, where energy is recovered from controlled fission reaction in fissile materials in reactors fitted with steam boilers that drive steam turbines connected to alternators.2) Thermal production, where the electricity is generated from energy produced by burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas. To a lesser degree, thermal energy can be produced using biomass (wood, straw, agricultural waste) and also through decentralised production by cogeneration units in which steam from industrial processes and heat networks is used to...